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Master of Fine Arts Printmaking
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Life is full of challenges, as well as bright moments. My artwork focuses on the highlights, with bits of the challenges to contrast and brighten the positivity I’ve experienced in my life. I explore community and the effect it has had on me when I’ve faced absence and loss in my life.


The dark, negative moments have a tendency to hold our attention, but my work focuses on the positive experiences such as family, community, and all that comes with it. I use calming colors and welcoming shapes to draw in my audience.  From there it can be noticed that something is missing. Yes, the scene appears serene, but just as in life, our memories remind us of things in our past we don’t intend to dwell on. I portray this by creating moments of absence, a sense of something gone wrong. This could be represented in a missing chair at the dinner table, or an empty neighborhood with vacant windows.


I will continue to explore community, absence, and loss through my work; through experimentation and relatable life experiences

What my time at KCAD meant to me

While at KCAD I have learned how to explore deeper concepts and ideas through my work. My professors have pushed me to create work which reflects my own personal experiences, while creating relatable scenes for my audience.

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