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Kelly Clouse
Excellence Award Winner
Interior Design
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Interior Design analyzes and responds innovatively to the social, physical, and psychological impacts of interior spaces.

Designing interiors involves understanding the human body – physically, mentally, and emotionally - while considering all factors including age, size, race, culture, gender, etc. The interior environment has a tremendous impact on how we feel and interact in particular situations. As humans, we deserve to have spaces that support our needs regardless of our background.


People should enjoy their environment whether it is for working, learning, playing, or relaxing. This includes the environment as a whole, rather than certain elements within a space. I design so occupants can enjoy an experience throughout the entire process from the moment they enter to when they exit. I tie interior elements into the architecture to create a functional and cohesive design that supports user’s needs in ways that delight and surprise them.

What is your most memorable

experience at KCAD?

My most memorable experience at KCAD was the way my classmates and friends were able to adapt and stay connected during a time of such uncertainty. This includes daily Zoom meetings with friends as a way of socializing, spending time virtually after class to share our concerns, and supporting others in ways I had never imagined. I am so grateful for all the professors and students in the Interior Design program who made the best out of this situation we never expected!

What are your most

notable accomplishments?

My most notable accomplishments during my time at KCAD are the professional events I attended and relationships I developed. This includes attending the National Kitchen and Bath Association events, becoming a part of the student board for the KCAD student chapter of the International Interior Design Association, attending monthly IIDA events, job shadowing at Vision Interiors, Hooker DeJong, and Trellis, accepting my first internship at Hooker DeJong, and accepting a position at Gotcha Covered.

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