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Master of Fine Arts Painting
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In my work, I explore the themes of hyper-femininity, gender constraints, and related gender roles. Our ideas of gender have been created by a set of tropes, standards, and fallacies that carry feminine and masculine labels. There is a silent contract that we have agreed to as a society by unknowingly subscribing to the benchmarks set by past generations. It also established an aspect of control that has initiated a world of inequity and discrimination by the division of gender roles.

My work has a heavy focus on color. It often involves multiple mediums, including fabric, glitter, sequins, and decoupage, all crafting traditionally feminine or related to women's hobbies. Including the variety of mediums that I do allows me to control the emotions and symbolism I include in the piece.

What my time at KCAD meant to me

I have had the pleasure of earning both my undergraduate degree and my master's degree at KCAD. This program has taught me so much about myself and where I can go with my art.

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